Week Three at The Iron Yard

July 22, 2015

This will probably be a short post. Week three was about html and css, the very basic building blocks of a website. I had taught myself this stuff over a year ago. Returning to it did give me some valuable insight though.

The Frontend

I focused entirely on front end development when I was self-teaching. I’d say I’ve learned enough to have a valid opinion on the two. I definitely don’t enjoy doing it as much as I’ve enjoyed making the backend logic with Ruby. I originally applied to The Iron Yard for front-end development, as that’s what I had focused on over the previous year. But I was curious about the backend. I took a little time to learn more about it and discovered it’s not as scary as I thought. It almost looked fun! Abstractly, the back-end looked more aligned with my interests. I wanted to code the logic and handle the data. Following my gut, I jumped into the Rails class.
It didn’t take long to realize this was the right choice. Handling bugs in Ruby is much less frustrating than handling bugs in html/css. I don’t know if it’s because Ruby errors usually give you a clue to what went wrong, or if html/css makes you stare at your failure without telling you what’s wrong. Either way, this week gave me some affirmation that I’m on the right track. Yay.

Weekend Thoughts

Next week we start Rails properly, and I’m very excited. I have a couple ideas for things I’d like to play around with but more than that I’m hoping this is where I’ll start learning the craft. My focus this week will be verifying some of the things I’ve already learned and try to keep my code structure as clean and professional as possible. I don’t think making a small, one-off app is a good reason to let good manners get away.
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