Week Six at The Iron Yard

August 11, 2015

I’m always a couple days late posting these. Which sucks because I start to forget how my previous week went. I think it went well?

Making a Mess

For the weekend project leading up to this week we made a Reddit clone. I called mine Condé Nasty. Hopefully somebody reading this gets that. My class didn’t understand the reference. I found a group of nerds that don’t use Reddit.
I got through all the requirements and felt accomplished for solving some of the harder problems, but I knew that my code wasn’t very organized. That tends to happen when you don’t know what you’re doing and you keep hacking away at different ideas. We continued working on Reddit throughout the week. Each day we added features and improved our original code. Which was a huge pain the in ass because mine wasn’t organized. I ended up having to redo most of my messy code just to make the new features work. Lesson learned: do it right the first time. Or don’t make a mess.


This week’s lab was to make a Twitter clone with a partner. We called ours Squawker. Side note: “Squawker” is a terrible name just because it’s surprisingly difficult to spell repeatedly. I know you think you know how spell squawk. You don’t. Trust me. It’s a weird word.
Working with a partner is strange. We definitely got more work done, but it wasn’t without it’s own unique complications. There are obvious ones, like merge conflicts and remote communication. And there are more subtle ones, like my need to keep things tidy and disagreements on best practices. I honestly don’t know how I communicate when I disagree. I try to be helpful, but I worry I come off as controlling. I think it’s important to speak up when there’s a better way to do something or the code isn’t clear. It’s also important to remember you’re working with humans and you should consider how they feel.

Weekend Thoughts

This was a good week. I’m finally starting to create a solid workflow. I enjoy adding features and playing with ideas, even if they aren’t part of the project. I’ve reached a point where I’m ready to take on bigger projects. Depending on my time available I’ll start creating some personal projects and document here as well. That might be interesting.
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